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7 Important Tips for Taming Your Curls

Many women with curly hair struggle to understand how to style and take care of there natural texture. Each curl type can require a different type of care and type of product, with these 7 important Tips you can jump start your routine no matter how curly your texture is.

1. MOISTURIZE- Curly hair tends to be dry due to the character of elasticity it holds. Your scalp produces oils which helps in the process of hydration. Heavy curl texture, equals less oil saturating into the cuticle of each hair strand. It’s very important to condition your curls daily. A great tip while in the shower, shampoo your hair then leave in your conditioner while you continue with the rest of your shower routine. The steam from the shower will help open the cuticle of each hair strand to provide hydration and maximum penetration of each strand. Complete the shower by rinsing all the conditioner and add some cool water to rinse, this will help minimize frizz and give maximum shine to your curl.

2. USING THE RIGHT PRODUCTS- Stay away from products containing alcohol! Styling products high in alcohol will give curls a “crunchy, stringy” texture, which removes all the moisture in your curl. Hair spray contain the most alcohol, while gels and mousses or anything that provides hold or lift contain added chemicals plus alcohol. Choose creams, Moroccan/Argan oils, organic coconut oils and water-soluble gels that don’t feel sticky on your skin. Also aerated mousses or foams can be used to give hair fullness, control, and a non-“crunchy, stringy” boost.

3. A GOOD CUT- Choose a Stylist who understands your texture, and the natural curl pattern of your hair. Make sure you choose a stylist who’s confident in all texture hair. The best stylist will listen to your needs and will always educate you along the way.

4. STYLE FOR THE MAXIMUM CURL- Flip your head upside down, ‘scrunch’ in your product of choice, apply heat by using your blow dryer on a low speed, and diffuse your hair to about 60-80% and let it air dry the rest of the way.

5. WASH EVERY COUPLE DAYS- Washing hair too frequently can cause your curls to become dry, so wash your hair every couple days to prevent drying from happening. Refresh your curls by spraying water and running a pomade or wax threw your finger tips and twist curls that might have brushed out. Need an extra boost of shine? Add water, shine spray or light mist of oil on ends to re-hydrate.

6. COMB HAIR AFTER SHOWER- To prevent hair from frizzing, brush or comb hair right after a shower, add product and style with diffuser. Let your curls rock! Use a wide bristle brush or comb to prevent breakage. Never brush curly hair when dry, you will not only make your hair frizzy, but you can cause breakage and damage your hair by ripping and tearing each strand.

7. SLEEP ON SILK- Yep! Your cotton pillows soak up all the moisture from your hair, the fibers tug as you toss and turn ,causing breakage, dry, frizzy curls. Sleep with a silk pillowcase, it helps cut down on friction and keeps your curls intact.

These 7 important tips will not only help maintain the beauty of your curls, but it will also help prevent your hair from frizzing, dehydration and breaking. Love and appreciate your hair no matter how long or short, curly or straight!

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